Halloween in the Midlands: An eerily good time

Halloween seems to polarise opinion. For some, it’s a day that’s weeks away, and if we’re lucky, they’ll stick on some cat ears closer to the time and be done with it. For others, it’s never too early to prepare. Fortunately, we fall into the latter camp, and there’s plenty of ways to get involved right here.


Getting The Look

Heading out on Halloween isn’t something you want to do with half-effort. Planning a costume can take weeks, and so if you want to impress, you should start now.

The Birmingham Mail published some timeless tips last year, because it’s not just about the clothes, it’s about the make-up, too. Why not book in with a Midlands-based artist in advanced, to get the most enviable look out of all your friends?

Of course, if you’re doing it yourself, inspiration is everywhere. Modern media has so many creepy villains to draw inspiration from (although just keep in mind, everyone’s probably going to want to be Pennywise the Clown from this year’s “IT”). You can even look for inspiration with online games. For instance, there are some slot machines with spooky visuals and characters which will give you food for thought. You could spin with the undead with the Beautiful Bones slot on and get some ideas from the ornately decorated skulls and voodoo make-up; alternatively, the Candy Skull slot make-up is a real eye-catcher, and stems from the Mexican Festival Dia De Los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead”.



What’s Actually On?

Birmingham has an an exciting array of nightlife, and at Halloween, there’s enough excitement to raise the dead (here’s hoping). In addition to clubs and DJs going all out of the occasion, you’ll find plenty of over-the-top celebrations (just how we like them), such as Praza being transformed into a Haunted House for the bravest of party goers, and “Spookfest” heading over to Boxxed.

Of course, some people don’t want to party, they want to be well and truly terrified. That’s your prerogative. Plenty of businesses crop up at this time of year, with local residents being able to reach them quite easily. Over in the East Midlands, you’ll find the Xtreme Scream Park, voted the best in the UK. You’ll find mazes, a creepy village, and zombie clowns, all about an hour away. There’s also Scream Fest Scream Park in Burton-upon-Trent within driving distance, with Zombie Paintball Smash and extreme performers. And just an hour and a half away, you’ll find Alton Towers. It goes all out for this time of year, converting many of its buildings, rides and attractions to well and truly scare you.



If this time of year doesn’t provide enough thrills and chills for you, March of this year saw the enthralling Festival Of The Dead come to Birmingham. Let’s hope it comes again next year, so you can get ready for everything from pageantry through to skull processions, dancers and acrobats, decorative art and costumes.

Not everyone’s going to be able to afford the prices of special events in the cities, so Halloween at home is always an option. Why not have a party? You can make Halloween-themed food and even cocktails, and decorate the place as well.

Just remember if you’re sticking at home to have some sweets at the ready for the kids who “trick or treat”!

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