Growing Staffordshire company in tune for success

A growing car tuning business is helping motorists save pounds and improve their driving experience.

Expert technicians working for Stafford based Black Code vehicle re-mapping specialists can save motorists 15 per cent on fuel costs while increasing engine power and torque by 35 per cent.

The service offers a high quality solution for motorists looking to save money and get a more eco-friendly car –  without losing out on engine performance.

Black Code was launched by Staffordshire businessman Oliver Billson and has grown rapidly to have 18 branches across the UK from Scotland and Northern Ireland to South East England.

Oliver is a partner in Craoli, a Stafford based franchise development business which has worked to develop the Black Code brand across the UK.

Black Code, based at Baswich Lane, Stafford, has become recognised as the premier name in the vehicle re-mapping and tuning industry.

Oliver said: “Black Code’s service offers the right solution for motorists regardless of whether they are looking to save on fuel costs or to improve the performance of their car.

“Motorists have had to face up to a double whammy of steeply rising fuel costs and a potential loss of income due to the global recession.

“At the same time we are also being urged to cut our carbon footprints to help save the planet from global warming.

“Economy tuning from Black Code ticks the boxes on all three fronts.  We provide motorists with a guaranteed solution as we offer a 100 per cent refund, and return the vehicle back to standard mode, for anyone who is not satisfied with the results.”

Vehicle re-mapping works because car manufacturers’ standard settings do not maximise a vehicles fuel efficiency or power. This is done deliberately because global car producers sell in several different markets and limit their vehicles’ performance to allow for poor fuel quality and extreme climatic conditions.

Black Code’s technicians remap cars to allow for the higher standards of fuel and more user friendly conditions available to motorists in the UK.



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