Green Sheep Group’s first national TV campaign

L-R: Paul Maurice, Product Director; Mark Nicholls, Marketing Director; Roger Allen, CEO and Rosie Pritchard, Commercial Director on set on the new TV commercial

The Green Sheep Group is bringing organic nursery products to screens around the nation this month as the firm launches its first ever national TV campaign.

The business that created the award winning Snüz and Little Green Sheep brands has made a significant investment to showcase its products across the Sky network of channels.

It’s a move that complements the rapid growth of the Warwickshire based business and highlights its forward thinking approach to marketing.

The advert was produced by Koala TV and showcases the brand new SnüzPouch alongside further products from the innovative Snüz range.

The SnüzPouch sleeping bag collection is the first of its kind, featuring a unique nappy change zip making night time nappy changes easier than ever before.

Roger Allen, CEO, said: “We thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating an advert for TV that showcases not only our products but also captures the heart of the business – our vision to create innovative organic nursery products that give parents peace of mind. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the SnüzPouch, and some of the wider product range, on their TVs.”

The commercial will use Sky AdSmart’s revolutionary approach to TV advertising, so different ads can be shown to different households watching the same programme ensuring targeted advertising to the relevant consumers.

“This is demonstrative of our marketing strategy,” said Roger. “We’re keen to push forward our award winning brands and this is one strand of that activity.”

International business trade for the Green Sheep Group has also benefited from a good marketing and sales approach with United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, Australia and New Zealand now trading regularly with the Company.

For more information about the Snüz range, please visit: