Fire-Bellied Toad leaps into First Place

Fire-Bellied Toad, a 5.0% bottle-conditioned beer from Frog Island Brewery, has been crowned ‘Best Drink’ at the Northamptonshire Food & Drink Awards 2009.

The beer was entered into the competition as its refreshingly bitter character recreates the style of beer traditionally brewed inNorthampton and, unusually, it is brewed with just a single variety of hop.  Beers are typically brewed with a blend of different hops to ensure a balance of aroma, flavour and bitterness.  

Head Brewer, Bruce Littler, has succeeded in producing a well-rounded beer using traditional floor-malted English malts and whole English Pilot hops.  The beer is characterised by its golden-brown colour, the intensity of the hop aroma and flavour and the bittersweet finish in the mouth.  After undergoing a gentle bottle-conditioning process, the beer continues to ferment and mature in the bottle producing a subtle carbonation and the beer world’s equivalent of champagne. 



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