DriveSafe backs Birmingham plans for 20mph speed limit

DriveSafe - 20mph

Birmingham-based DriveSafe has welcomed the launch today of a public consultation process by Birmingham City Council to set a 20mph speed limit on 90% of the city’s roads.

The road safety charity has also applauded clarification given by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) confirming that the new limit which is being proposed by a number of UK cities will be routinely enforced.

DriveSafe believes reducing speeds to 20mph in residential areas and near other places such as schools, hospitals and shopping centres will reduce significantly deaths and serious injuries caused by preventable and predictable collisions.

Birmingham City Council has launched its ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign to support proposals for a 20mph limit on residential roads while major routes keep their higher limit. Public consultation on whether and how the plans should be implemented will run from October 21 until November 29.

DriveSafe Founder Fay Goodman said: “Birmingham City Council’s proposals to make roads in the city safer and to reduce the number and severity of accidents speed limits are to be applauded.

“In addition to residential areas, there should also be a 20mph speed limit in and around busy shopping areas, schools, leisure centres and hospitals, as well as near transport interchanges including bus, rail and coach stations.

“Far too many people are killed or seriously injured in built-up areas by people driving too fast and it’s well-proven that pedestrians are more likely to survive accidents at lower impact speeds.

“I also welcome clarification by the ACPO that the 20mph limit will be routinely enforced so that people can walk and cycle for their health and enjoyment throughout the city without being in fear of the traffic.”
DriveSafe is campaigning to make driving safer and more pleasant for motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians through its ‘Courtesy on the Road’ campaign. The charity published a driver’s handbook, ‘DriveSafe – An Essential Guide for Motorists’, in association with Aston University last year.