Dengensha Europe launch new training centre and showroom in Staffordshire

Pictured above: Pictured left to right:  John Mason, Managing Director Dengensha Europe shakes hands with Dengensha President Mr. Junichi Shimizu

Dengensha Europe the European sales and subsidiary of Dengensha Manufacturing Ltd in Japan got the new year off to a positive start with the official opening of a new training centre and machine showroom at their head office in Shenstone, Staffordshire.

The company offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of automatic nut and bolt feeders and resistant welding products worldwide primarily to the automotive industry for car body manufacturers.

Junichi Shimizu president of the global organisation flew in from Japan to officially open the new facilities and paid tribute in his speech to the UK workforce who have helped the company grow from strength to strength particularly during the difficult economic times.

“Dengensha Europe has established an enviable reputation for automatic feeding products and this training centre and showroom is another step towards Dengensha becoming the leading resistance welding supplier in Europe.

“I would like to thank Mr John Mason, Managing Director and all the staff of Dengensha Europe for their efforts during the last year and building this new facility.

“Our goal is to develop innovative products and outstanding services to help customers meet the challenges of a fiercely competitive global marketplace. The significant investment in this new showroom and training facility demonstrates our long term commitment to our customers in the European market, and as a result we expect to see a significant increase in our share of the resistance welding market,” said Mr Shimizu.


The Staffordshire based business was founded in 1996 and has established itself as a strong and respected supplier in the resistance welding market. Since then they have expanded sales and support to European customers in the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Italy.

John Mason, Managing Director of Dengensha Europe explained the importance of the new facilities, “We have developed over the years the resources, experience and technical talent required to help our customers meet their manufacturing challenges. We have also recognised a big demand for training facilities due to the new advances in technology to help our customers increase productivity. With this new training centre and showroom customers can visit and see first hand the new range of machinery in operation and send their respective staff on training courses prior to machinery being delivered.”

“The past 18 months have of course been difficult for the manufacturing industry however we have started to see an increase in orders largely due to the new and exciting range of machinery we have now developed and with the new training facilities we are looking forward to the new year ahead,” added John.


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