Coventry Council celebrates success of super connected voucher scheme

Cllr Maton at Fargo Village

Coventry City Council is celebrating after Coventry becomes one of the UK’s best performing cities in the Government’s Super Connected voucher scheme, which gives eligible businesses free grants of up to £3000 to upgrade their internet connection.

One of the reasons for the city’s success in transforming the business community with a faster internet connection is the passion partners such as HBT Communications has in terms of driving the voucher scheme forward.

Zamurad Hussain from HBT Communications explains “We have been working within the IT and Telecoms industry for over 20 years and have seen a lot of changes. One of the most recent is the ability to access a high speed internet connection, which means businesses can streamline costs and work more efficiently. The improvement in efficiency can take on many different forms as it depends on the individual business, but with the voucher scheme in place, businesses of all shapes and sizes can achieve a better connection without a big financial outlay”

Zamurad continues, “We also have the advantage of being a key partner with the Coventry CORE who are bringing ultra-fast internet to city business, achieving speeds of up to 1 Gb”

FarGo Village, Coventry’s latest retail development, is an example of what can be achieved when businesses work together to access the Super Connected scheme and an Ultra-fast internet connection. The businesses were brought together by the landlord Complex Development Properties and were the first joint application for Super Connected received by Coventry City Council.

Michael McEntee, owner of the Big Comfy Bookshop in Fargo Village explains, ”By working together and with the support of HBT Communications,  Coventry City Council awarded us funding through the voucher scheme, allowing us as small independents to have access to the best possible technology without a big financial outlay. The ultra-fast connection from the Coventry CORE has transformed my business as I am now able to run cloud based applications such as my till and accounting software, whilst streaming music to my shop and marketing my business on social media all at the same time, without any problems or unwanted delays or interruptions.”

At a recent visit to FarGo Village Councillor Kevin Maton joined HBT as they talked to retailers about the impact the faster internet connection had made on their businesses.

Councillor Maton commented, “FarGo Village is a shining example of business collaboration to achieve something which working as individuals would have been more difficult. Talking to the business owners today I have seen first-hand the difference a faster internet connection is making, whether it’s being able to take card payments more efficiently, answer customer enquiries, run faster downloads or carry out on-line marketing. The set up they have at FarGo allows them all to take advantage of the improved speeds in a way that’s best for their individual businesses.

Councillor Maton continues “There is reluctance within the Coventry business community to “don’t fix what’s not broken” when it comes to their internet connection, but there are missed opportunities by not upgrading. An upgrade opens up opportunities which as a city we need to be making the most of”

The Super Connected voucher schemes runs until 31 March 2016 and extends to businesses within Coventry and Warwickshire. To find out if your business is eligible for Super Connected vouchers please visit www.HBTCommunications/super-connected-cities

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