Coventry-based IPP sweeps the floor to secure National Carpets

As one of the UK’s biggest names in domestic flooring, National Carpets always looks for great coverage from its logistics providers – and was not disappointed by the switch to IPP, one of Europe’s leading poolers of sustainable wooden pallets.

Sustainability is a key word for the business which provides every kind of flooring – from laminate to carpeting, rugs and even artificial grass – which is delivered to retailers including B&Q, the Range, Homebase, Next, B&M Stores and smaller independent carpet stores.

National Carpets was looking for a simpler, more consolidated approach from its pallet pooler, but with the ability to easily accommodate ramp-ups or reduced pallet orders in line with its own seasonal demand.

The requirement for flexibility led to signing of a service deal with IPP, which pool thousands of pallets each year to carry the products of the carpet giant in line with the seasonal fluctuations of the market.

With 40 years’ experience of importing and distributing flooring products for major UK retailers, a seamless supply chain is imperative for a brand adhering to the strictest of international environmental standards and a member of SEDEX, the international organisation monitoring ethical supply. National Carpets, which also engages a dedicated ethical compliance team and audits its factories and third party partners through the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) code of conduct, also ensures all of its timber products are sourced from sustainable forests and the business is accredited with a full chain of custody certification.

“Quality and sustainability have always been at the heart of our business; working with a trusted global network of suppliers, we provide flooring that is manufactured to high standards and checked at every stage of production,” said Graham Bateson, distribution coordinator for National Carpets.

“From materials to workmanship, production inspections to testing; all aspects of our stock is subject to rigorous quality procedures before it is approved for dispatch. We are also ISO 9001 quality management accredited.

“With so much invested, we cannot allow for any problems. We hold and distribute stock from our 110,000ft warehouse in the UK and, whether its small or high volume orders, we offer a reliable, on time supply of goods managed though effective logistics. We can expertly handle any delivery option including direct to customers, direct to store or central warehouses

“We are delighted with the relationship with IPP as it has simplified a lot of the processes, especially in and around seasonal demand. We use a portal that allows for total transparency in our usage of IPP pallets,” he added.

Phil Storer, IPP Director for UK and Ireland, said: “National Carpets is a leader in the area of flooring that has allowed the business to establish fantastic coverage, both in the home and in terms of its UK-wide reach.

“Our job is to make it easier in terms of quality service and transparency, so the client has no need to be chasing us clarification on service, delivery or invoicing – it is all there.

“The business also shares our passion for sustainability across its supply chain. Our product is totally sustainable by its nature and application in the circular economy,” he added.

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