Coventry-based IPP plays ‘Planter Claus’ to hundreds of thousands of Christmas plants

Europe’s leading manufacturer and pooler of sustainable wooden pallets is playing ‘Planter Claus’ to hundreds of thousands of flame-red Poinsettia plants to ensure they reach the supermarket shelves in time for Christmas.

IPP is helping to distribute the festive period’s favourite plants on behalf of KJ Curson Growers, which hot houses almost four million plants every year.

Around six per cent of this crop will be Poinsettia’s, the delicate flowers that serve as festive midwinter gifts because of their decorative qualities as table centre pieces.

Christmas is the second busiest period for the Wisbech-based nursery, which is also one of the UK’s biggest pumpkin growers.

Hot on the heels of distributing up to a million carver gourds , IPP will move more than 200,000 Poinsettia plants during the intense period between November and December.

Samuel Hitch, of KJ Curson Growers, said: “We have a great partnership relation with IPP. Hot on the heels of distributing millions of our pumpkins, the team are on the case with making sure we have enough pallets to hit our frantic Christmas Poinsettia programme – it is a demanding time, but it works seamlessly for us.”

Phil Storer, IPP director for UK and Ireland, added: “Like real Christmas trees bring pine aromas to people’s homes, the Poinsettia brings flame-red blooms which represent a real sense of festive occasion, which is why they simply fly off the shelves at this time of year and the reason our team is so busy.

“We work very closely with Cursons Growers throughout the year and factor the Poinsettia demand into our calculations early on, because, following hot on the heels of the pumpkin push, they require an ample supply of sustainable pallets at this time.”

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