Countryside Stewardship application window opens for farmers in England


Farmers and landowners in England can now apply for environmental grants under Countryside Stewardship.

Mid Tier and Higher Tier of Countryside Stewardship is a is a targeted scheme which offers funding for habitat restoration, water quality and woodland improvements, flood alleviation, protection of  landscapes and providing food and shelter for pollinators, birds and other wildlife.

Natural England says this year improvements have been made to the application process to make it easier to apply, including simplifying evidence requirements for claims and applications wherever possible. It is also offering additional support and advice.

Countryside Stewardship grants will be offered to those who propose to make the best environmental improvements within their local area.

The Mid Tier of Countryside Stewardship offers five-year agreements for environmental improvements in the wider countryside, such as reducing diffuse water pollution or improving the environment for birds, pollinators and farm wildlife.

Higher Tier specifically focuses on environmentally important sites, including commons and woodlands, where the more complex management requires support from Natural England or the Forestry Commission, including tailoring of options.

Application packs can be requested from Natural England by calling 0208 026 1089.

“Those thinking of applying for the Higher Tier, including woodland improvement, will need to request an application pack by April 13 so they can submit an initial application by May 5,” said Kathryn Williams of Davis Meade Property Consultants.

“This will give Natural England time to send out the maps and evidence requirements in time for farmers to develop their application.

“Mid Tier application packs will need to be requested by July 31 so that applications can be submitted by September 30,” she added.

Farmers currently with a Higher Level Stewardship or Entry Level Stewardship agreement expiring this year will be contacted by Natural England to let them know which scheme they will be most suited to and what support is available.

For more information contact Kathryn Williams at Davis Meade Property Consultants on 07971 583638  email:

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