Companies group together to form Athena Vaults

Athena Vaults Demonstration Area

With challenging conditions for businesses to stay at the forefront of global markets, Athena Vaults are proud to announce the formation of best of breed companies to include; data, cloud, cyber and GDPR compliance solutions, partnering with businesses to help them grow.

To accelerate digital transformation in 2019, Athena Vaults’ mission is to remove the common operational frustrations businesses encounter when trying to grow or reposition their companies, in order to deliver their business strategy. The investment is backed by established Institutional Investment funders, supporting Athena Vaults group companies in providing world class Data Centres, Cloud Technology, GDPR Compliance and Cyber Security. Designed to take any size business on their digital transformation journey at whatever stage they are at.

Purposely located in central UK, IDC Achill Rock Ltd have rebranded to form Athena Data Centres, a state-of-the art facility designed for companies wishing to manage their data and infrastructure. With a £38m investment, using the latest technologies and a further 2.5 Mega Watt (MW) data hall already under construction, Athena Data Centres gains the capacity for another 640 additional racks which will complete in Q2 of 2019.

Recently procured GDPR Direct has rebranded as Athena GDPR and ensures clients remain committed and vigilant when it comes to their data responsibilities. With an intuitive portal combined with a virtual data protection assistant on hand if required, Athena GDPR can be accessed at anytime, anywhere through the portal.

Andy Acton, CEO, Athena Vaults is excited about the future and being able to work consultatively with executive teams and help them get the most out of their infrastructure. “Having run businesses myself, I empathise with how restrictive it can be to get infrastructure partners and contracts to align when wanting to support business objectives. We decided to do something about it by combining the very best in data, cloud and cyber whilst helping our clients keep track of their GDPR commitments” said Andy.

With the mission to help companies advance their digital strategy, without barriers and unnecessary charges, Athena Vaults have attracted some top talent to help support them.

Athena Vaults as a group, provide companies with scalable solutions so they themselves can concentrate on growing and developing their business. Athena Vaults’ vision is to attract like-minded companies as clients and help them grow together as partners. With Athena Cloud Tech and Athena Cyber Security completing the group, a client can scale and grow safe in the knowledge they have a partner to help them with their digital transformation journey.

For more information on Athena Vaults and the Group; Athena Data Centres, Athena Cloud Tech, Athena GDPR and Athena Cyber Security, then please visit: