Commercial Express advises Creativity is Key in Maintaining ‘A STAND OUT SCHEME’

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Amid a time of keen competition in the insurance world, leading general managing agent, Commercial Express is reminding brokers of the importance of applying creativity and ingenuity in order to maintain a stand out scheme.

Jordan Gregg, technical underwriting manager at Commercial Express, comments: “The economy is strong and stable, and entrepreneurship is on the up, which, in turn, means increased demand for insurance schemes and a lucrative opportunity for the broker. However, it is still a time of keen competition, making it vital for brokers to boast well-designed, comprehensive schemes to ensure cut through.

“This doesn’t just apply to new schemes but existing ones too. Inherently, an established scheme is usually quite personal to a broker, especially after a few years – however, if it is left unchanged year after year, as with any business proposition, it is going to become less interesting and less commercially viable.

“It is, after all, that creative spark and personal touch that sophisticated brokers apply to their schemes which keep them best-in-class. This is why it’s so important to regularly update them so that they don’t become stale.”

As a business whose success has been founded on a close alignment to the broker, Commercial Express has a team of account managers out on the road covering the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These experienced professionals have direct access the business’ underwriting and senior management team, and are able to escalate any opportunities that come their way providing they fit in with our company ethos.

Jordan adds: “At Commercial Express, we always like to work in partnership with brokers, working closely with each other at every step of the way to provide support and make adaptions as needed to make sure schemes flourish.

“For example, we have an in house marketing team that will work with our brokers to form the best campaigns from the offset, while our expert underwriting team are always on hand to offer advice.

“As we see it, whilst the broker’s knowledge is incremental in making a scheme successful, it is vital to have the buy-in of its providers too. Launching a scheme really is just the beginning; from thereon it’s about all parties working in consistent collaboration to ensure that it is as successful and lucrative as possible.”


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