Commemorative works by Disney artist to be showcased in Birmingham

Two limited edition Disney graphics will be unveiled in Birmingham on Friday.

The pieces, which commemorate 90 years since the film debut of Mickey Mouse, have been specially curated by Disney and Castle Fine Art and will be unveiled at Castle Fine Art’s galleries on the Mailbox and International Convention Centre (ICC) from Friday 12th July.

Created by official Disney artist, Tim Rogerson, the two new graphics see the artist adopt his unique Cubist style and Basquiat colour scheme, depicting Mickey Mouse and his grumpy counterpart Donald Duck with a modern twist.

One of the top collected Disney Fine Artists of today, Tim Rogerson moved with his family to North Carolina at the age of four when his father was employed by Walt Disney World as show director, in charge of managing the parades and performances in the Magic Kingdom.

After studying both the Old Masters’ approach to oil painting and the expressive paintings of the Modern Masters at art and design college, Rogerson began his career as a character artist at Disney. He was the last artist to be hired and trained by Disney Legend, Ralph Kent, who was one of Mickey Mouse’s official handlers, and it wasn’t long before his works began selling in galleries all over the world.

Speaking about his art, Tim Rogerson said: “My paintings are like a jigsaw puzzle with each piece being its own artistic movement.

“One puzzle piece might be a row of vertical lines inspired by Lichtenstein next to another puzzle piece of impressionistic brushstrokes inspired by Monet. It’s a playground of styles and influences that all come together to capture these colourful characters we all love so dear.”

Paul Watson, Area Sales Manager at Castle Fine Art, said: “It’s a privilege to be releasing two unique graphics by one of Disney’s very own fine artists. So many of us grew up watching Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and to this day the characters continue to inspire and bring joy to people all over the world.

“We can’t wait to bring a little bit of Disney magic to Birmingham and look forward to welcoming guests to view the artwork for themselves. We’d urge anybody wishing to purchase a piece to get in touch as editions are limited and expected to sell out fast.”