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Seat Leon Ecomotive

SEAT has pulled off a neat trick with the Leon Ecomotive The company has produced a family car which is ultra-efficient but still looks elegant and sporty, writes motoring editor Ian Strachan. The SEAT Leon Ecomotive has good looks, a very smooth ride, good handling, a phenomenally frugal well-powered engine and a…

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Honda Civic Type R 2.0

Some sports coupes are wolves in sheep’s clothing, with hot performance concealed under a conservative exterior. Far more are sheep in wolf’s clothing – all looks and little grunt writes motoring editor Ian Strachan. But the new Honda Civic Type R is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. It has the looks – from its…

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Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 has always been an impressive offering in the large 4×4 sector. Now it’s got bigger and better writes Ian Strachan. The new XC90 is the real deal when it comes to 4x4s. Big and muscular, it has all-wheel drive and a host of features to keep you motoring safely in all terrains. The XC90 also looks…

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