Bright Birmingham consumers switch energy suppliers

Managing Director of Flipper, Mark Gutteridge

The people of Birmingham are more likely to have switched their electricity and gas to a new supplier this year than anywhere else in the West Midlands, according to research carried out by the country’s first independent auto-energy switcher, Flipper.

Over half of those surveyed in Birmingham said they had switched suppliers in the past 12 months, more than the levels seen in Wolverhampton or Coventry – where 1 in 4 admitted to having NEVER switched.

Birmingham residents are also much more likely to check energy prices, with more than half checking deals every six months, compared to just 29% in Coventry and a mere 25% in Wolverhampton – which had the lowest level of price checking across the whole of the UK.

This news comes as the 45th energy price rise of 2018 was announced and figures from Ofgem showed that people who switched energy suppliers last year saved an average of £320.

Mark Gutteridge, Managing Director of Flipper, says bright Birmingham consumers will be paying significantly less than their Midlands equivalents due to being more engaged in the energy market.

He said: “It’s concerning that so many households in Wolverhampton say they haven’t checked energy prices this year to make sure they are on a good energy deal. We all know this is not an exciting task, but with the number of price increases seen on energy this year it’s more important than ever to make sure you are on a good deal”.

“The respondents across the Midlands showed a high awareness of Price Comparison Websites, but there are still lots of people who aren’t checking prices or switching suppliers, either because they see it as a hassle or don’t feel confident enough.”

Flipper is an energy auto-switching service which solves both these issues as it does everything for its customers: it finds the best tariff across all suppliers, flips them onto this deal – actually doing the switch for them – and then continues to check the market every month. If it finds another saving of more than £50 it will flip the customer again.

Unlike Comparison Sites Flipper doesn’t take commission from the energy suppliers, so it can compare and switch to a really wide range of the 73 suppliers in the market. It charges its members a £25 annual membership fee for its service, but this is only paid once the first switch is underway.

Said Mark Gutteridge: “Our nationwide survey was aimed at finding out about energy switching habits across the whole of the UK, but the difference between the responses from across the Midlands was a real surprise.

“On average our members are saving £385 a year and every week we see new members who can save more than £1,000 a year. So people in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton and all across the region, especially those who aren’t checking prices or haven’t switched, should definitely give us a go and see how much they can save.”

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