BID Leamington launches innovative social media campaign to help drive high street footfall

A shop window with a difference is being opened up by BID Leamington to help retailers in the town centre get better connected with customers and drive high street footfall.

BID Leamington is launching an innovative social media campaign called #WDYT (What Do You Think) to enable retailers to engage more with shoppers through digital platforms.

The campaign will enable retailers to showcase their products and offers to a wider audience, and encourage consumers to promote shopping in the town centre on their own social media channels by using the hashtags #WDYT and #LoveLeam.

Shoppers taking part will be rewarded with the chance to win prizes during the campaign which is running throughout February and March as part of this year’s Love Leam promotion, organised by BID Leamington to celebrate all the town has to offer.

Images of prizes donated by participating retailers will be posted with #WDYT and #LoveLeam, and people invited to retweet and follow for the opportunity to win.

Customers will also be invited to post pictures of their favourite items with #WDYT, #LoveLeam and the retailer’s social media handle to be entered into a six weekly prize draw, starting from February 20, to win the item or a £100 voucher towards its cost.

The #WDYT campaign was initiated as a pilot in Gloucestershire with support from business and government, and is based on the age-old shopping question of ‘What do you think?’

Within a few weeks of taking off in Gloucestershire, it had reached over 10 million people, had 10,000 competition entries and 100 retailers on board.

Stephanie Kerr, executive director of BID Leamington, said the campaign was now being trialled in Leamington Spa as part of a longer term aim for it to be taken up nationally.

She said: “We are excited to be launching the #WDYT campaign in Leamington as it supports BID Leamington’s on-going drive to support retailers and attract more visitors into the town centre.

“A huge proportion of the population is now on social media and this is about using the technology that people already have in their hands as a simple and effective tool for our retailers to engage more with them.

“In this digital age, a retailer’s social media profile is another powerful and important shop window for them to reach shoppers who might otherwise not venture inside their store.

“For those participating retailers who have little or no social media presence, we are providing a framework to help them get started.”

The Danish Wardrobe Company, an independent women’s clothing store in Regent Street, is among the first retailers to sign up to the campaign.

Deputy manager Lesley Greenwood said: “As a retailer, we recognise the value of social media and the #WDYT campaign is a great opportunity to help us broaden our presence on other channels so that we can connect with more consumers.”

Leamington town centre retailers interested in joining #WDYT should contact BID Leamington or visit

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