Bespoke digital phone service launched to support business growth


Owner and MD of integrated marketing agency Plinkfizz has launched a product to help companies optimise their marketing budget and customer service skills.

PROIntel is a brand new call recording platform from the award winning agency which will help companies to measure the impact of their future marketing campaigns.

The bespoke monitoring and tracking system uses advanced data analytics to help businesses and agencies prove their return on investment. By allocating dedicated phone numbers to different marketing campaigns, agencies and businesses can see what is working best for them.

Business leaders can also turn on the call recording function to use phone calls for training purposes. Find who needs extra training or identify the situations where sales drop off so they can come up with a solution tailored to that pain point.

Fiona commented: “This is a great platform which many businesses are using to monitor the call conversions. It helps them identify any weaknesses in sales and what makes people most likely to buy their service or product. This enables them to make informed business decisions and strengthens training tactics.

“As an agency we’re continually looking for ways to prove our return on investment and we pride ourselves on transparency. By using PROIntel ourselves we have been able to review campaigns with clients, show them what’s working the best for them and adapt to methods which maybe aren’t performing as well. We can then make sure their budget is working as hard as possible for them.”

It’s also a great tool for managing sales and monitoring call conversions. The call tracking software gives detailed insights into customer behaviours such as: the most popular time of day for calls, what region is most engaged with the brand and which is the least, average length of a phone call, how long it takes for inbound calls to be answered, as well as details of any missed calls.

The level of information available enables agencies and businesses to create a strategic and successful campaign.

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