Award-winning innovation from Opus Energy Broker Pricing Portal

Opus Energy wins Innovation award at Real IT AwardsBusiness energy supplier Opus Energy has been recognised by the Real IT Awards 2015 for its innovative work on a brand new online tool for energy brokers.

Known as the Broker Pricing Portal, the advanced brokering platform took first place in the Innovation in Business category at the corporate IT awards ceremony, as well as being shortlisted in the Innovation in Technology category.

The Broker Pricing Portal was designed by Opus Energy’s in-house team to meet all the demands of energy brokers who need to manage a tender process from start to finish. The Opus Energy team made the ambitious decision to tailor-make the product from scratch, to include everything brokers need to make informed, efficient decisions for their energy purchases. The prestigious award recognises the benefits that the Portal delivers to brokers, which were developed with an extensive testing and demonstration process.

This included travelling the country to deliver roadshows, allowing Opus Energy to capture feedback directly from end users, which led to a product that provides greater control and transparency around the tendering process. Steve James, Director of Corporate Solutions at Opus Energy, said: “From November to December 2014 alone, the proportion of our brokers using the portal jumped from 40% to 84% – showing just how useful it is. “The Broker

Pricing Portal is just the first stage of continuing to improve our offering to brokers, and winning at the Real IT awards has been a fantastic way to recognise those plans.” Graham Cooke, Managing Director at energy broker Zenergi, who took part in the pilot, said: “We were excited to be part of Opus Energy’s Broker Portal pilot, and help to shape how we and other consultants can best maximise this new initiative going forward. We found the information input and sense checking of data invaluable and, in my opinion it certainly will save our team a lot of time and emails.”

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