Aromatic shows its’ green side with rewards for customers using reusable cups

A Sutton Coldfield coffee shop is embracing Government plans to impose a “latte levy” on customers having coffee in take away cups by rewarding those who bring their own flasks or beakers.

MPs have called for a 25p levy on takeaway coffee and tea with Starbucks amongst the first big chains to announce it will is considering adding the cost to every cup taken from its’ counters in the future.

But staff at  Aromatic in Mulberry Walk, Mere Green are proving to be one step

ahead of the game when it comes to being environmentally friendly and have introduced an incentive for those customers who bring in a reusable cup when ordering a hot drink to take away.

Every minute in the UK, around 500 takeaway coffee cups are thrown away and the vast majority are not recycled.

The UK has just three facilities that are able to split the paper and plastic, which lines the cardboard cups, but these facilities are not part of the recycling system and less than 1 in 400 cups are recycled.

Benn Dunn, manager of Aromatic said: “We’ve been wanting to do our bit for the environment for some time and feel this is a great way of encouraging our customers to do their bit too.”

He added: “Now any customers buying a takeaway coffee from us, who bring in their own reusable cup, get 25p off the price of the coffee.”

MPs have said that the plan is being considered by ministers amid calls for a complete ban on all disposable cups by 2023 unless manufacturers can make them recyclable.

Experts estimated the levy could raise £438million and lead to a 30 per cent reduction in the number of cups as more people carry their own.

The idea is similar to the 10p carrier bag charge, which has proved to be a huge success and has done no end of good for the environment, with an 85% reduction of plastic bag purchases in England.