Ebico teams up with LHA-ASRA Housing Group to combat fuel poverty

Ebico, the UK’s only not-for-profit energy supplier, has partnered with LHA-ASRA housing group to offer customers from London and the East Midlands fairer gas and electricity prices to heat and power their homes.

The agreement will see residents in both these regions being able to take advantage of cheaper energy prices. Unlike many energy providers, Ebico’s specially designed tariff has no standing charge and just one flat rate per unit of energy used, enabling customers to take greater control of their energy bills. It is the 30th agreement which Ebico has signed with UK housing associations.

Energy prices and affordability have dominated the news agenda with many people already starting to consider how they will financially manage another cold winter. It is estimated that around 21% of people in the East Midlands, and 13% of people in the London region now live in fuel poverty, meaning they spend at least ten per cent of their household income on energy bills.

Matt Cooney, Chief Executive of LHA-ASRA, said: “We are always looking for ways to help our residents save money on their fuel bills and are pleased to be teaming up with Ebico on this scheme. We believe this partnership will make a huge difference for our residents and by only charging for the actual amount of energy used, residents should see a noticeable decrease in their energy bills.”

Phil Levermore, Managing Director of Ebico, said: “People on pre-payment meters generally get a raw deal from energy suppliers. We have made the system fairer by charging all customers the same rate regardless of their payment method and eliminating the standing charge. We hope, in time, that all suppliers will follow our lead in doing this.

“It is important that people feel able to heat and power their homes properly without having to question if they can afford it. Our partnership with LHA-ASRA will allow us to offer more help to those on lower incomes and in many cases, those suffering from fuel poverty.”

Ebico was set up as a social enterprise in 1998 with the core aim of helping to end fuel poverty in the UK. It does this through fair pricing and energy saving advice and by diverting any surplus company revenue – through the Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development – to community programmes that help people affected by fuel poverty.  


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