70k investment sees young entrepreneur set up shop

shopA 24-year-old business woman from Bignall End has received funding to buy her own newsagents.

Getting a taste for life as a business owner is recent graduate Charlotte Green, who has taken ownership of the Super Shop convenience store and newsagents in Hanley town centre.

On leaving university with a degree in psychology, the young business woman took inspiration from parents David and Nicola. The seasoned entrepreneurs ‒ who encouraged their daughter to help out in the family businesses growing up ‒ run two convenience stores in nearby Sandyford and Silverdale.

Charlotte said: “I left uni not sure what I wanted to do. I was sending out CVs with no success and disheartened at not being able to get a job. After chatting with my family it became clear that becoming my own boss was the right way to go.”

Seeing the Hanley branch of Super Cigs up for sale, the young entrepreneur and father David turned to NatWest ‒ securing a five-figure loan. Having renamed the store and adjusted the layout, Charlotte now runs the shop with her partner Ben Wilton, 24, also managing a team of three staff.

She added: “It’s a fantastic feeling to have my own business and to be running the shop with Ben. We have plans to improve things over time and introduce new products and services, though the shop already had a great reputation so it’s my priority to keep that going.

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