£383,300 East Midlands Development Agency grant gained for farm diversification project

Pictured above: Project underway


Farmers are continually looking to different forms of farm diversification to boost their income, having an idea for diversification is one thing, however sourcing or securing the finances for the development is another.

Grants are available from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) for those looking to diversify, and are judged on their individual merits and what they can offer the community. Significant parts of a diversification project can be funded by these grants, but the problem for many is that they do not know how to access the funds or complete the application process.

James Goodson, of Fisher German, has experienced first hand the scenario for obtaining funding for these sort of projects. James comments, “We recently helped a farmer convert some of his redundant farm buildings into office units, self catering accommodation and a local community teaching room, and with an anticipated cost of around £800,000 may have been difficult to complete without a grant”.

The project stood a good chance of obtaining funding as the redevelopment would also benefit the local community. An Expression of Interest gauged the East Midlands Development Agency’s (EMDA) appetite for the project and as the response from RDPE was good, a full application via EMDA was made.

James Goodson explains, “EMDA approved a grant for just under 46% of the total project and meant that our client could continue with their redevelopment, securing an alternative income stream for the future, whilst complimenting the existing farm business. This scheme will hopefully help many more people and aid rural development”.

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